Reports to:  Camp Program Director

Job Description:

  • To assist the Camp Program Manager in coordinating, with all aspects of FVCA summer camp programs
  • To supervise, encourage and support all summer team members
  • To lead in the creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere throughout the camp
  • To lead summer camp alongside Camp Program Manager and, when Camp Manager is absent
  • To be able to function under pressure and long hours
  • To be able to enforce rules and discipline


  • Have a relationship with God and profess to be a born-again Christian
  • Must have regular Church attendance, and a pastor or leader reference
  • Must have a desire to minister to college student age and youth in a camp setting consistent with the ministry, missions, values, and goals of FVCA
  • Must have an acceptable level of spiritual, mental, social and emotional maturity
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record
  • Must have organizational abilities and creativity
  • Must have supervisory/mentoring experience. (Managerial experience is a plus)
  • Need to adapt and relate, cross-culturally and embrace diversity
  • Have had previous leadership experiences. (summer camp leadership experiences is a plus)

Responsibilities & Expectations: 

  • Follow all guidelines by FVCA, including the philosophy, goals, and objectives of FVCA, as well as any secondary procedures and instructions
  • Model Christ-likeness in all things. Your attitude towards summer staff, campers, teens, volunteers, etc… Should reflect in your actions
  • Be missions minded
  • Your spiritual and physical health is crucial to your ministry, therefore you are expected to meet with God daily, get enough rest, to be physically fit to endure the long days of camp, And to participate in all relevant meetings
  • Always be on time. Tardiness will not be accepted. If you are unable to be on time, you must make your supervisor aware, ahead of time
  • Assist with program evaluation at the end of each session, and at the end of the summer
  • To lead debriefing and thorough cleaning after the end of every session. Also, plan and guide weekly briefings with the summer leadership team
  • Pour into summer team members with your time, prayers, energy, assistance and encouragement – think and make notes about how you will intentionally do this throughout the summer
  • Meet 1-on-1 weekly with each leadership team member to listen to them, guide them and pray for them
  • Supervise and assist in all activities in your area of the camp
  • Have fun! Balance organization and spontaneity to create lasting positive memories for staff and campers. Your attitude will impact in a huge way the dynamics of summer camp
  • Positivity is a MUST!!!
  • You will be asked to take on different tasks and or assignments as needed
  • Be willing to take on responsibility as your own. (Get your hands “dirty”)

As Camp Supervisor you will be involved in all aspects of camp. Communication is a MUST! Your job at times will be needing to wear many hats. As a supervisor don’t be afraid to take charge and uphold the tasks and rules that need to be implemented.