I attended Riverwoods camp for four years, and I am excited to tell others about this wonderful summer camp. This program has changed my life to this day!

The program helps kids understand others. At least it did for me. My first year at Riverwoods I had such a blast that I wanted to stay longer than just a week! I was so happy to hear that in the program for 13-14 year old campers, called CORP, I would get to stay for TWO weeks! I learned a lot of helpful life skills, and I opened myself up to the caring and supportive staff. Riverwoods has been a safe place for me to go in the summer, and each year I have felt welcome by all the staff and volunteers.

As an older teen I participated in a leadership program called SLIT (Senior Leader In Training). This program helped me learn what my options are for college when I graduate from high school. The leaders helped me see how to set and reach goals for my life. This program has also given me the opportunity to serve others: I loved helping with the younger kids as well as with food organizations. Riverwoods and Fox Valley Christian Action have given me a chance to grow in so many ways, and I’m very thankful for their programs! Without Riverwoods many of my friends and I would spend summer just sitting at home and doing nothing. Instead, we get to be part of a camp that gives kids an opportunity to learn new things, teaches them to help people that are in need, and gives them a great summer experience. This program can change people’s lives. I know because it has changed mine!