This place helps teach kids how to become closer to God and learn new attributes that they never learned before. It taught me to be a leader and it can teach others to be a leader. It can build your self esteem…


You’ll want Domeccio to be your next door neighbor someday because he likes building and fixing things! Domeccio is a 17 year old junior at East Aurora High School who has lived in Eastwood, an Aurora housing community, for most of his life.  He lives with his mom, an older brother and has a sister in college.

Domeccio came to camp for the first time when we was 7 years old. He remembers playing in the gym, going swimming and having fun at the carnival!  He also remembers his counselor, Ben, who loved to play the guitar.  One of his favorite memories was learning songs at camp!

As a young boy Domeccio participated in our school-year Kids Club at the Eastwood Community Center. He has fond memories of working on his homework, playing games like “fruit basket,” learning the books of the Bible, and “...just having a good time.

Domeccio continued participating in camp and school-year programs for many years. In seventh grade he participated in CORE, the beginning level of our summer leadership program for teens.  He took a few summers off from the leadership program to spend time with his dad in Chicago and then returned this past summer to participate in our Crossover Leadership Program.

This past summer Domeccio, along with several of his peers, spent time developing their leadership skills, exploring future college and career opportunities, and learning to serve others.  After high school, Domeccio wants to go to Bradley University and study mechanical engineering. He’s a good student with a bright future!