Meet Tamycka

Tamycka is a seasoned camper.  She has been coming to FVCA for 7 summers and remembers the first time she played gaga ball. She used her foot instead of her hands! Her favorite camp activities are hiking in the woods and arts and crafts. She is looking forward to being in the CORE program next summer.

Last fall Tamycka began participating in TNT. “I like coming to TNT to have fun and meet new people!” Transitioning from camper to teen is not always easy, but Tamycka seems to have no trouble, even in the midst of a pandemic!  She is learning to trust God and wants to use her outgoing personality to be a camp counselor in the future.  She appreciates the opportunities that FVCA continues to provide and the way they share the Gospel in practical ways.


Meet Genesis                                                                                                      Story written by Roger Simmons – Community Coordinator

As a Community Coordinator at Fox Valley Christian Action I’ve had the privilege of working with many teenagers over the last six and a half years and each one has something special that sets them apart individually.  I would like to share about one of our very special teens.  She has a sweet sense of humor and many of the teenage girls are drawn to her spirit.  When she comes into the room there’s a joy that fills the atmosphere.  I see her as a natural leader.

Genesis Gray is a 14-year-old Freshman at Larkin High School.  She started coming to FVCA Summer Camp when she was 6 years old.  As a young camper her favorite activity was Gaga Ball.  Genesis shared that her most memorable camp experience was, “When the counselors were singing and praying.”

Over a year ago Genesis started attending our Teen Night Together (TNT) program.  She was invited by one of her friends at school.  When asked what she learned by participating in TNT she said, “It’s always good to ask questions about God, and that God is always with me.”  College and Career Prep is her favorite part of TNT.  Genesis shared, “I hope to learn ways I can prepare for College and how to talk with my school counselor about classes I need.  Also, I need to build a strong foundation for myself.”  Her next steps towards college are looking for options and seeing what the different schools require.

The Bible stories at TNT have helped Genesis better understand her own life experiences.  When sharing about the importance of her faith and identity in Christ Genesis shared, “It helps me be closer to God and understand Him. So, I can understand my purpose in life and what God has planned for me to do.” 

The gifts and talents that Genesis will share with the world are her wisdom, sense of humor, and living her life as a loving, educated, black woman of God.


Meet Kevia

My name is Kevia Fenton. I am 16 years old and I go to Oswego High School. I’m in the 10th grade and my favorite subject is English because I love to write and sometimes read. When I get older I want to be a registered nurse and want to work with the elderly in a nursing home. I want to work with older people because I feel like they are just left there and don’t have people to talk to.

I also like how they are so sweet! I grew up on the east side of Aurora but now I live in Oswego with my mom, dad and my 6 siblings. I’m the third oldest so I’m almost a middle child.  I like to clean and organize for my free time and I like to decorate and watch movies when I can.

I first came to camp at FVCA when I was 6 years old. I remember that I was scared and I know I didn’t talk that much. My favorite counselor was Marissa and the best part about camp was getting to sing all the Riverwoods songs.  The more years that I come, I’m getting out of my shell.  I know if it wasn’t for Ms. Revella and the people from camp, I wouldn’t have become the person that I am today.

I have been coming to camp for 10 years and what I have learned through coming to camp is that it is okay to try new things and not be afraid to take on new challenges. I have learned that God is always there and I can talk to HIM all the time. I have participated in both CORE and Crossover in the summer and my favorite activity in Crossover was when all the girls were playing the games on the slip-n-slide.

I also participated in the school year program called TNT and I have been going since FVCA started the middle school TNT. I’m in high school so I’m in the older group.  What I like most about TNT is the college and career prep and Bible study, because in college and career prep we learn new things about what we need to do to get ready for college or the career that we want to pursue. In Bible study we learn about topics in the Bible that we can relate to and things that could help us in the long run.


Meet Domeccio

You’ll want Domeccio to be your next door neighbor someday because he likes building and fixing things! Domeccio is a 17 year old junior at East Aurora High School who has lived in Eastwood, an Aurora housing community, for most of his life.  He lives with his mom, an older brother and has a sister in college.

Domeccio came to camp for the first time when we was 7 years old. He remembers playing in the gym, going swimming and having fun at the carnival!  He also remembers his counselor, Ben, who loved to play the guitar.  One of his favorite memories was learning songs at camp!

As a young boy Domeccio participated in our school-year Kids Club at the Eastwood Community Center. He has fond memories of working on his homework, playing games like “fruit basket,” learning the books of the Bible, and “...just having a good time.

Domeccio continued participating in camp and school-year programs for many years. In seventh grade he participated in CORE, the beginning level of our summer leadership program for teens.  He took a few summers off from the leadership program to spend time with his dad in Chicago and then returned this past summer to participate in our Crossover Leadership Program.

This past summer Domeccio, along with several of his peers, spent time developing their leadership skills, exploring future college and career opportunities, and learning to serve others.  After high school, Domeccio wants to go to Bradley University and study mechanical engineering. He’s a good student with a bright future!


Meet Carolyn

The program helps kids understand others. At least it did for me. My first year at Riverwoods I had such a blast that I wanted to stay longer than just a week! I was so happy to hear that in the program for 13-14 year old campers, called CORP, I would get to stay for TWO weeks! I learned a lot of helpful life skills, and I opened myself up to the caring and supportive staff. Riverwoods has been a safe place for me to go in the summer, and each year I have felt welcome by all the staff and volunteers.

As an older teen I participated in a leadership program called SLIT (Senior Leader In Training). This program helped me learn what my options are for college when I graduate from high school. The leaders helped me see how to set and reach goals for my life. This program has also given me the opportunity to serve others: I loved helping with the younger kids as well as with food organizations. Riverwoods and Fox Valley Christian Action have given me a chance to grow in so many ways, and I’m very thankful for their programs! Without Riverwoods many of my friends and I would spend summer just sitting at home and doing nothing. Instead, we get to be part of a camp that gives kids an opportunity to learn new things, teaches them to help people that are in need, and gives them a great summer experience. This program can change people’s lives. I know because it has changed mine!