Meet Genesis

As a Community Coordinator at Fox Valley Christian Action I’ve had the privilege of working with many teenagers over the last six and a half years and each one has something special that sets them apart individually.  I would like to share about one of our very special teens.  She has a sweet sense of humor and many of the teenage girls are drawn to her spirit.  When she comes into the room there’s a joy that fills the atmosphere.  I see her as a natural leader.  

Genesis Gray is a 14-year-old Freshman at Larkin High School.  She started coming to FVCA Summer Camp when she was 6 years old.  As a young camper her favorite activity was Gaga Ball.  Genesis shared that her most memorable camp experience was, “When the counselors were singing and praying.” 

Over a year ago Genesis started attending our Teen Night Together (TNT) program.  She was invited by one of her friends at school.  When asked what she learned by participating in TNT she said, “It’s always good to ask questions about God, and that God is always with me.”  College and Career Prep is her favorite part of TNT.  Genesis shared, “I hope to learn ways I can prepare for College and how to talk with my school counselor about classes I need.  Also, I need to build a strong foundation for myself.”  Her next steps towards college are looking for options and seeing what the different schools require.  

The Bible stories at TNT have helped Genesis better understand her own life experiences.  When sharing about the importance of her faith and identity in Christ Genesis shared, “It helps me be closer to God and understand Him. So, I can understand my purpose in life and what God has planned for me to do.” 

The gifts and talents that Genesis will share with the world are her wisdom, sense of humor, and living her life as a loving, educated, black woman of God. 

Story written by Roger Simmons

Community Coordinator