Riverworks and Riverwoods work together.

RIVERWORKS LIFE SKILLS OUTREACH helps inspire Fox Valley Christians to action in the under-resourced neighborhoods around them. We provide opportunities for them and their Churches to share of themselves, of their education, skills and faith. Most of Riverworks Life Skills Outreach— teaching, mentoring and advocacy— occurs in the neighborhoods. Some programs are held at the Riverwoods Family Campus in St. Charles.


Less than half of the parents in these neighborhoods have graduated high school. See how you or your church congregation can engage our communities in new ways to break that cycle.


Our passion is to see lives transformed by the Gospel. Discipleship is at the heart of this transformation. See how Riverworks Life Skills Outreach inspires creative discipleship venues.


When times are hard, sometimes a lesson in parenting or car care isn’t what these families need. Sometimes they just need a baby-sitter or a ride! We can connect you.